Faraday of Taiwan

UPEC Electronics Corporation established in 2002 uses the brand name Faraday for their Smart Home appliances. UPEC specializes in development, manufacture of smart home solutions, combining French and German high-end technology to create a smart home experience in order to promote superior life.

It is a smart technology manufacturer in the field of Optoelectronics, Electric Motors and Home robotics.


UPEC is the sole supplier of LED backlight module for PHILIPS TV.

The mechanical & electrical business unit manufactures Tubular motors, electric scooter motor etc. motor and electrical equipment.

In 2011, smart home system solution & development teams has launched electric clothes rack machine, electric curtains & sweeping mopping robot series. The Company strives to offer intelligent technology for smart and modern homes.


UPEC’s core values are Innovation: Lead in fashionable smart home products to meet market demand, Quality: Pursue stable and strict quality controls, one can rely upon and Service: Good customer service brings customer loyalty.

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