Paw of Poland

For years, PAW has been among the top firms specializing in the production of disposable tissue napkins and offering other articles for table decoration. 

Thanks to the creative passion, competence and commitment to perfection and improvement of the quality of print and customer service, PAW has established a strong position for itself and has become a recognizable brand in the industry.

The firm celebrated the 20th anniversary of its establishment in 2014, entering an even more dynamic period of its activity. On that occasion, PAW revolutionized their collection, by basing it on a design with distinct colors and shapes.  

Since the beginning, PAW has been specializing in 3-layer napkins, both, printed and single-color ones, manufactured in seven sizes: lunch 33 x 33 cm, round Ø 32 cm, cocktail 25 x 25 cm, dinner 40 x 40 cm, snack 33 x 33 cm folded in 1/8, buffet 33 x 42 cm and pocket 40x40 cm.

The Professional range for HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes) and Banquet/ Event management companies is much wider and includes various decorative articles such as: Chinese lantern, candles, pads, matches and decorative sets. The collection is supplemented with table accessories which are practical everyday objects and unique decorations for a table. Among other items are Napkin rings and Napkin holders.

High-quality gift bags in several sizes whose design refers to the most beautiful napkins and key life occasions have been an integral part of the PAW assortment for a few years. For fans of the traditional packing of gifts, PAW prepares series of decorative papers each year.

The punchline goes as “We can guarantee that you can create a wonderful atmosphere on your tables with us!”


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