Multipurpose Door Hook, Model NDH-01, From ‘Like-it’ of Japan




  • Exclusively avilable at Home Stop (Shoppers Stop Group)
  • Brand: Like-it
  • Product Code: NDH-01

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These unconventional Door Hooks offer a convenient way to hang your shopping bags, clothes, scarves, etc. They are very elegant and easy to install. You do not need nails & hammer to set them up. Just hang them on to your living room door or bedroom door or cupboard door.  These V-shaped hooks can hold your bags/ clothes steady.
Designed for ease of use, slippage prevention and to withstand the vibrations  & jerks of opening & shutting of doors. Stable Hooks with the One-Touch-Lock system.  The maximum height of the door which can be covered is about 2.4m. Use the 30mm or 40mm metal parts, depending on the thickness of the door.

Load capacity: 1.5kg per hook ;

Size : W40 X H40 X H~2400 mm//W1.57 X H1.57 X H~94.49 inch

Weight: 170g

Material; Belt / Polypropylene ;Hooks / Polystyrene; Metal Parts / Steel

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