Model UC-20, Stackable Multipurpose Basket Home Organizer Basket, 340 mm, Large, by Like-it of Japan

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This stackable basket from Like-it of Japan is very handy & useful to organize your laundry area, your kitchen storage area, kids room, car garage etc. They are also useful for trial rooms of garment stores. The basket(s) can be stacked (put over each other) and combined with other Unicom drawers and baskets for optimizing the vertical space available. Flip-up the metal bars for stacking and flip down to empty the contents. Smooth texture, pure white color & superior quality. See it, touch it and you will see the difference.
Install the wheels (casters) to the baskets and move them around freely.
(Casters are sold separately)
Dimension: (mm): W340×D460×H385
Material: body / polypropylene

Bullet points:
Imported Stackable Basket for Laundry
Imported Basket for Bathroom
Imported storage basket for Kitchen
Trial room basket.
Storage basket for Toys.
Stackable storage Basket for Kids Room.
Pure white, stackable basket.

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