Magnetic Note Pad holder from Like-it of Japan, Model #Mag-on 8049




  • Ex Tax: 976
  • Exclusively avilable at Home Stop (Shoppers Stop Group)
  • Brand: Like-it
  • Product Code: Mag-On8049

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Brought to you by OGN Global and "Like-it" of Japan, this is a great utility product for your home & office. UTILIZE IDLE SPACE AT HOME & OFFICE. The strong magnet lets you to easily stick it on to your refrigerator or on your steel almirah in the bedroom or your office steel cabinet. Keep a pen, a notepad or rough papers to scribble your grocery list or To-Do list or your favorite recipe book. You may clip & store your grocery bills too for consumption check.
An excellent accessory for all smart homes. The Cafeteria order taker or room service team can also keep their roster or order sheets handy. Check out other utility magnetic products from Like-it too.

Item size (mm):158 × 27 × H150
Material: Clear / Polystyrene・Rubber Magnet  : White / ABS Resin・Rubber Magnet

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