Drawer Organizer Tray, Mini 6-Divisions, A6 size, Model MX-T11, by Like-it of Japan




  • Ex Tax: 530
  • Exclusively avilable at Home Stop (Shoppers Stop Group)
  • Brand: Like-it
  • Product Code: MX-T11

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The product is designed to organizer small items & accessories and for easy access.

This product can be stacked with other tray types like MX-10, MX- T20, MX-12. Because of the transparent plastic, it is easy to view and access the contents easily.

This mini tray can be combined &placed INSIDE the Medix DrawersMX-5, MX-6, MX-16, MX-9201 to offer better utility.

Size: w115 X d154 X h30 mm / w4.53 X d6.06 X h1.18 inch

Weight: 79g / 0.17lbs


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