Forma One Push Silicon Brush with Spring, Orange




  • Brand: Asvel
  • Product Code: 2325

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Brought to you by OGN Global, 'FORMA' one push oil bottle with heat resistant silicone rubber bristles is an ideal tool for the modern kitchen. This silicone rubber brush applicator is an innovative product for limited & controlled application of oil, fine liquid sauces. On squeezing the handle a small quantity is released on to the desired surface, which then can be spread evenly on the warm surface. Very convenient for basting, salad dressings, oil coating, baking egg washes and butter coatings and much more. Simply fill oil in brush handle shaped bottle and screw it tight, then simply squeeze on to the desired surface. Avoid filling it with old and used oil and thick sauces. It is not safe for microwave, dishwasher and freezer.

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