Forma One Push Cooking Oil Spray Container by Asvel of Japan 25 ML




  • Brand: Asvel
  • Product Code: 2155

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Brought to you by OGN Global and “Asvel” of Japan, this remarkable product with its unique pump function is designed to store-in oil and then efficiently spray on to your meal, fry pan or any dish you are cooking.  You do not have to dip your brush or spoon into oil and waste time & oil transferring it to your meal.  Just store-in oil and start spraying wherever and in whatever quantity you desire.

This product is ideal to be used in barbecues to apply oil and is perfect for any kitchen or restaurant. It is made of glass with a unique pump function. No spill, no mess. Hygienic storage. Honest Quality and price.

Special Features
•    Oil spray glass bottle
•    Spill free oil dispenser for kitchen.
•    Unique pump function for spraying.
•    Easily control the consumption of oil, for healthy life

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