Model 9115, Stackable Storage Organizer Bin / Bricks of Premium Quality By Like-it of Japan




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  • Brand: Like-it
  • Product Code: 9115

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Made in Japan by “Like-it”, brought to you by OGN Global Trading Pvt Limited, this is simple, yet stylish storage bin (brick shaped) for daily use items. 

Stackable storage organizer bin/brick of premium quality - Use it to organize your Office or Study space, Kitchen, Dining, Vanity, Washroom, Laundry, Living room, Study, Office, Kid’s room, Bathroom etc. These high-quality polystyrene bins from Like-it stack one over another to create a flexible organizer for storing paints, brushes, drawing notebooks, wristwatches, spectacles, keys, jars, cosmetics, Deodorants, shampoos etc. Freely sliding bins provide easy access to the contents inside. A helpful tool for keeping your essentials neatly organized inside the drawers of cupboards, office desk, crockery rack, dressing table or refrigerators

Color: Transparent White; Weight: 470 gm ; Material: Polystyrene, Size : W140X D280 X H125 mm / W5.51 X D11.02 X H4.92 inch

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