Model 4277, Microwave Safe Vegetable Steamer, superior quality Product by Asvel of Japan




  • Ex Tax: 431
  • Brand: Asvel
  • Product Code: 4277

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This microwaveable cooking container is a high-quality product from Asvel of Japan.  This food container can steam or heat the dish in a microwave. (heating up to 140 degree ).

Studies show time and time again that one of the healthiest of all cooking methods is steaming. Steaming helps retain valuable vitamins and nutrients in food, without all the added fat. Now steaming has never been easier, or more fun! Add your favorite meat, poultry or fish, vegetables, and seasoning. Heat in the microwave.  Food cooks without added fats, steaming in its own juices. Meat remains tender, fish cooks without drying out and vitamins and minerals are preserved.

Capacity: 1300 ml ; Size: Width 25.1 × depth 13 × height 8.1 cm

Material: Body - lid Polypropylene

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