Ice Ball Maker From Like-it of Japan Spherical Ice Making Mold




  • Brand: Like-it
  • Product Code: STK-06L

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Made in Japan by " Like-it" and brought to you by OGN Global, this ice ball maker is especially designed for making giant ice balls. It makes entertaining a joy & stockpiling for parties simple. The 2.5-inch sphere of ice cube is easy to take out from its silicon soft cover. Enjoy your cocktails, fine bourbon and single malt, entertain your guests by making ice-cream and sherbet.
Material. body / polypropylene lid / elastomer weight. 70 grams
Colour: Light Blue
Heat resistant: body / 100 C lid / 60 C
Cold resistant: body / -20 C lid / -40 C

Easy to make perfect 2.5-Inch spherical ice ball.
High quality silicone ice ball maker.
Enjoy on the rocks, fine bourbon, single malts etc.
Enjoy not only cocktails & mocktails but also sherbet and ice cream.
BPA Free, safe for health.

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