Antibacterial Kitchen Storage Box (12 L) from Asvel of Japan




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  • Brand: Asvel
  • Product Code: 7536

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Brought to you by OGN Global & "Asvel" by Japan, this airtight "anti bacterial" container is a great resource to store your cereals, rice, pulses, Coffee jars, sauces, juices etc nicely and safely. The product is stackable and is made of high-quality polypropylene. ABS resin is used with silicone rubber for perfect airtight sealing.  The size is appropriate to store your daily essentials.

This container is to organize your kitchen use accessories, consumables neatly and securely.
The unique stackable design helps utilize space in the kitchen cupboard to the maximum.

Size: Width 21.6 × depth 30.9 × height 30 cm: Capacity: 12.0 L
Material; Body & Lid : polypropylene ; stopper = ABS resin packing = silicone rubber.

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